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Party Food Trends

Party Food Trends
January 28, 2013 Colt McCormack
Mason Jar

Just as there are fashion and decorating trends, there are trends in the food being
served at parties! Whether you’re planning a graduation banquet or wedding
reception you can make it even more fun and memorable for your guests by
incorporating something new in the flavors and/or presentation of the foods and
beverages. Here are some great ideas from The Knot:

Savory Cupcakes
Caterers have taken our fascination with all things round to a new level by offering
up savory cupcakes during the cocktail hour or as a light entrée. How does a tomato
basil parmesan cupcake topped with freshly grated cheese sound?

Edible Vessels
Serve an appetizer on an edible spoon made of pastry, or a small bite of marinara
sauce with Italian sausage inside a mini bread bowl. Being able to literally eat
everything on your plate can be a great way to add some creativity to a more casual

International Street Foods
Small Mexican street tacos with fish or shrimp or Chinese dim sum are different
and delicious alternatives to standard finger sandwiches. Or go all out and bring an
actual food truck to your party. There are several great ones in the DFW area that
can be hired by the hour and are surprisingly affordable.

Tiki Bar Cocktails
Tiki. The name alone is fun, and the Tiki Bars of the 60’s are enjoying renewed
popularity. Serve tropical drinks with colorful straws and fruit garnishes, and
incorporate vintage Tiki art into your signage and décor. Keep it Tiki rather than
Hula by using natural materials and colors.

Individual Wedding Cakes
Take a page from some royal wedding rumors for this hot trend. Rather than a
single wedding cake, have an individual wedding cake in a different flavor at each
of your reception tables. It’s all about the presentation, and guests will love getting
to cut their own dessert (rather than having something pre-sliced on a plate).

Tapas Galore
Tapas are a great way to offer your guests a variety of flavors while still keeping the
menu tied together — since it’s all Spanish food. Try paella cups, lime fish, and
shrimp ceviche, or even jumbo garlic shrimp skewers. It’s perfect for a relaxed
reception, where guests can easily mingle without having to sit at the same table all

Finish with Favors to Go
For a simple, edible DIY favor, try canning something for your guests. Can or
preserve just about anything — from pickles to jam — and top it all off with a pretty
ribbon or scrap of patterned fabric and custom label that reflect the theme of your
Incorporate one or more of these ideas into the menu for your next party and you’re
sure to leave your guests with some delicious memories!